Create Share-Worthy video tours With Your iPhone In The Time It Takes You To Walk Through A Listing
  • Saves Your Time:  Now you can produce professional looking video tours without having to worry about tedious, time-consuming video editing. HomesGo's RoomTagger  technology does all the hard work for you.

    Create a pro-quality video tour in the time it takes you to walk through the listing. You will not believe how easy it is 🤯

  • ​Saves Your Viewer's Time:  All of your video tours are "On-Demand." If the viewer doesn't want to watch the entire tour then they don't have to. Just tap the desired button to begin watching.

    Only interested in seeing the kitchen of the home? Then just tap the Kitchen button and begin watching the kitchen immediately. 

  • In The Cloud: Your video tours are hosted on AWS (Amazon Web Services) CloudFront, one of the fastest video hosting services online. This is a crucial feature so your viewers don't have lag or slow load times while watching your video tours.

    Your uploads to are lightning fast, a typical five-minute video tour takes less than two minutes to be published on 

  • Amazed: Get in and out of a listing in only 10 minutes armed with an attention-getting, lead-generating video tour that will impress your clients and followers.

    They will think, "Wow she must spend a lot of time producing those amazing video tours!"  When in reality, you spend only the time it takes to walk through a house to produce a valuable video tour.
How Does HomesGo Work?
Enter MLS number of listing to automatically create a new tour
  • No need to manually input the details of the listing which saves you time 
  • Creates the video tour listing page on with the details of the listing
  • No typos or listing detail errors on your listing pages
  • ​Have peace of mind knowing your clients are informed by your marketing efforts
Plan the video with easy to navigate tags custom to each home
  • Add custom areas of the home before recording or use the default list of tags
  • Displays the home in the most appealing sequence to your viewers
  • You won’t forget to record a room or miss important features
  • ​Your thorough video tours will make you an easy choice to hire
Shoot each room in sequence
  • Gives viewers the exact "flow" of the home without them having to be there with you
  • Shows viewers how rooms connect, and exact depths that are hard to grasp from only pictures
  • Viewers have a great idea of the home before ever seeing it in person
  • ​Meet your pre-sold client at the listing for a better chance of closing them
Edit the start and end of each room as you go
  • Avoid annoyance of changing screens as you record
  • One-tap convenience for each room
  • Automatically remove bad video clips without having to edit after recording
  • ​A perfect sequence of video footage that looks like a pro produced it
Ability to redo any part of the recording without editing
  • Capture every marketable detail of every part of the home
  • Never have an awkward speaking moment during your tours because you can re-shoot any part of the video with the tap of a button
  • ​Always have lawnmower-noise free video ;)
End with a sleek video tour that is tagged at the beginning of each room
  • Perfect video tour experience for every prospective home buyer
  • Prospect can review the best features of their favorite homes "on-demand" by tapping the RoomTagger buttons
  • Viewers don't have to sit through the entire video tour, or manually fast-forward and rewind. Tap the part of the home you want to watch immediately.
Send a new video tour email alert to anyone automatically
  • Once the video tour is published, send an email to a client alerting them of the new video tour
  • Simply enter the client's name and email then tap Send
  • Copy and paste the unique URL to share your video tour link anywhere online
Make tagged videos easily embeddable on any website
  • Publish your video tours on other websites by copy and pasting the embed code from your listing page
  • Take advantage of RoomTagger and reliability/ speed of AWS
  • No need to re-upload your videos to other websites
Hosted on Amazon (AWS) Cloud servers
  • Viewers watch your videos without loading time or lag, anywhere in the world
  • Always live and reliable to stream for your viewing audience 24/7
  • ​Be known as the agent with lightning fast on-demand video tours
Publish full-length video tours to your YouTube channel
  • Automatic publishing with the click of a button
  • Listing information is automatically published to the YouTube description
  • Don't waste time manually uploading videos to YouTube
  • ​Get home buyer leads on the largest video sharing platform in the world
Each video tour has its own listing page on
  • Link directly to any video tours
  • Download your full-length video tours with the tap of a button to any device
  • Prospects can see exactly where the listing is on Google Maps
Viewers can "Like" your video tours
  • Liked listings are added to their list of "Liked Video Tours" on
  • No registration required for your clients
  • Leads can easily find and re-watch your tours they love
Prospects can request a showing from the listing page
  • Agent is immediately alerted of the Showing Request via email
  • The Lead is asked for more information about their home buying situation: budget, time to buy, etc. which is included in the email
  • Icon: 
Leads can send you instant text messages from listing pages
  • Leads can get in contact with you immediately
  • Receive immediate text message to follow up with lead as soon as possible
  • Leads can request a callback from listing pages by providing their phone #
  • ​Agent is alerted immediately via text message
Get local subscribers from your listing pages
  • Keep in contact with prospective clients and followers automatically
  • Subscribers automatically get notified by email (option for all tours, daily summary, or weekly summary email) - powered by Aweber
  • Stay on the radar of followers so they choose you when they eventually decide to buy
  • ​A video tour of a hot new listing is a great excuse to email your list
Designed by Realtors - For Realtor Use Only
  • Custom features developed with real estate in mind
  • Don't rely on broad-marketed video software
  • Send us your feature ideas to be considered by the team
HomesGo is Developed and coded by professional software developers in The Woodlands, TX
  • The iOs app and website are built with the latest web tools and technologies so your (and your viewer's) experience with HomesGo is a great one.
  • Constantly updated and managed for quality assurance. Crash reports are treated like royalty around here!
  • More time-saving features are planned for future updates
  • ​Get all HomesGo updates and new features as they are published to the App Store
Thank you,
Brad Watts
P.S. I have put my blood, sweat and tears into HomesGo and plan on being around for a long time. I want all of my dedicated users to be as happy as I am with this valuable real estate tool. So, if you have any questions, comments, concerns or ideas for me then please email me - thanks for being a part of HomesGo!
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