“The NEW App For Realtors that Creates a LIVE Video Tour in 10 Minutes or Less”

Bring in new clients with the HomesGo iPhone Video Tour App. Record, edit, upload, share, and play your video tours in perfect HD for local home buyers online.


No Computer or Editing Required

The hardest part about using video is editing all the bad parts out. It’s time-consuming and tedious work. But with HomesGo, you can “Retake” in real time, thanks to our revolutionary recording screen. Oops, mess up? No problem! Tap Pause, then “Retake Tag”, and you are ready to record again where you left off, without having to manually edit that part out or start the tour over.

Tag Each Part Of House

The bookmarks, or Tags as we call them, are horizontally positioned at the bottom of your recording screen. As you are walking through the house, just tap the button corresponding with the area of the house you are about to record. This will keep your video tours organized and convenient for your viewers to skip around to various parts of the house. No need to fast forward or rewind!

Hosted On The Cloud

Your video tours are hosted on the Amazon.com Cloud Front, the fastest and most reliable Cloud hosting service around. Your videos will play quickly for your clients in Houston and even all the way in Tokyo. This also means your video tours are uploaded to your listing pages lightning fast. A typical 5-minute video tour processes, uploads, and is Live Online in under two minutes!

Arrange The Tags Accordingly

Before starting your video tour, you can easily arrange the “Tags” according to the house’s layout for your convenience. Or you can leave the Tags arranged how they are and scroll horizontally to find the next Tag you need. Feel free to add your own custom Tags for those houses with out of the ordinary features, like a wine cellar, pool house, etc.

Notify Clients of New Tours

Whenever you want to inform your clients that you just uploaded a new video tour for them, simply notify them within the app. They will receive an immediate email with the link to your new video tour.

Lead-Friendly Listing Pages

Your Listing pages are optimized to collect as many leads as possible for you. If a home buyer discovers your video tour online and needs an agent, they can contact you immediately on your listing page by clicking on “Request A Showing”.

Public or Private?

You have the choice to make your video tours public or private. A public video tour is listed on HomesGo.com where anybody from the Internet can come to your listing page and watch your video tour. But if you only want your client to view the video tour, then select “Private” and only your client can view the video with their own private link that is sent to their email.

Wanna Go Social?

Before your video tour uploads to your listing page, you will be asked if you want to share your video tour on the social networks. Facebook, Twitter, and Tumblr are all yours. Just select where or if you want to share your video tour and the app shares it automatically for you to your very own social media accounts. Connect your accounts inside the app.

I use the app every day with my clients and they love my service now! It’s so great finally being able to have a unique service to stand out from the local competition. Thanks again!

Erica B.

Realtor in San Diego

3 Ways HomesGo Brings In New Clients For You

1) Home Buyers Find and Watch Your Tours Online

  • Use the App to record video tours and post them to your public HomesGo.com listing pages. Record your listings, or contact other agents to ask if you can record theirs to show your clients.
  • HomesGo advertises your video tours to home buyers looking to buy in your zip code.
  • They visit your HomesGo.com listing pages to watch your video tours. A few of them catch their eye and they want to see them in person with you. Awesome! Now they can contact you immediately through the contact form displayed on all of your listing pages. As soon as the home buyer enters their contact information, a notification is sent straight to your provided email address.
  • Communicate with the home buyer to meet for a showing, or go out and record more tours for them if they agree to be your client.
  • Impress the buyer with a professional home-buying experience, then they refer you to their friends.

2) Impress Your Selling Clients by Selling Their House Fast

As a listing agent, it is so easy to show off your client’s beautiful home with a professional, high-quality, 1080p video tour. These tours have the potential to attract TONS of prospective buyers to your client’s home.

With video tours, you can show off the seller’s home in a way that is original and memorable.

HomesGo helps you SELL FAST. And when you sell your client’s homes fast, you usually get more referrals from them.

3) Impress Your Buying Clients by putting in the extra work for them. Gasp!

Imagine this – you have a client who is busy with work and he wants to buy a house. Instead of shuffling schedules back and forth to try and accommodate him (only to get canceled on), you visit the homes on his List, at a time convenient for you, and record them.

After recording, notify your client from within the app with an automatic email saying the new video tour is ready to watch, with an included link to your listing page on HomesGo.com.

Your client can watch your tours on-the-go to narrow down their list of houses to see in person, without having to be at the house.

So instead of wasting your client’s valuable time going to a house they would never buy (thanks to misleading pictures), you look like the hero now because you went out of your way to get them an accurate showing of the house without them having to be there.

You add so much more value for your client that they can’t help but refer you to their friends. And to prove to you that HomesGo will do wonders for your business, I have decided to limit this opportunity and work with a select group of Realtors. Introducing: The HomesGo Ambassador Club When you join the HomesGo Ambassador Club, you become the only Realtor in your zip code who has public posting access to HomesGo.com. Yes! You will have exclusive access to HomesGo.com in your zip code, separating yourself instantly from the local competition. Enjoy the following perks, as well:


  • You get EXCLUSIVE access to post home tours to your zip code page on HomesGo.com.

    That’s right! You are the only Realtor in your zip code who has public posting access to HomesGo.com.

  • Your video tours are hosted on Amazon.com’s CloudFront, the fastest and most reliable Cloud hosting service around. All of the CloudFront fees are paid by HomesGo.Your videos will play quickly for your local clients, and just as fast on the other side of the planet.This also means your video tours are uploaded to your listing pages lightning fast. A typical 5-minute video tour processes, uploads, and is Live Online in under two minutes!
  • One Ambassador account has unlimited users. If you are part of a team of agents, or you are a broker, you can give account access to your colleagues. They can login with your credentials and use the app freely to post to your designated zip code page on HomesGo.com.
  • All future updates and support. We have some really cool updates planned for the very near future to help you get more exposure online.

The Monthly Fee To Be the Ambassador of Your Entire Zip Code Is Only $47

But before we proceed, I need to know you are serious about this opportunity, and not wasting another Realtor’s opportunity in your zip code.

To prove you are serious, click the orange button below, and you will be directed to the HomesGo Paypal Subscription page on Paypal.com.

Subscribe to the Free Trial of HomesGo Ambassador Club, and you will not be charged anything today.

Once you complete the Trial Subscription, you will be sent to the HomesGo Ambassador Application, which is a Google Document that is hosted on Google.com.

Complete it, then click Submit to send it to us for review.

If we approve your application, then we will charge your Paypal account the $47 monthly fee. And every 30 days after that, your PayPal account will be charged $47 to remain the HomesGo Ambassador of your zip code.

Remember, this opportunity won’t last long because only ONE agent in each zip code will be able to take advantage of this massive opportunity. Just click the button below to head on over to Paypal.

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Thank you for your interest,

Brad “The Video Tour Guy” Watts